"Secrets of Finding Your 'ONE and ONLY' with Online Dating!"

I know what you're looking for...

You're looking for SOMEONE. ANYONE!

Anyone that fits your highly detailed list of qualifications that is. Well GOOD.

If you've ever thought you could use those online dating services you've heard about to find a special someone... you were absolutely right. You can! Thousands have and thousands will continue to!

In fact, thousands of people just like you are looking to meet someone right now. It's time to get serious. It's time to take the guessing out of the game. It's time to take the matchmaking world by storm with our guide...

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

Learn why the days of judging people by appearance are over.

Understand why sex takes a backseat to many other factors in a relationship.

Discover how online dating is just a NEW approach to an OLD tradition.

Realize that none of James Bonds' relationships worked anyway... and how that applies to you and your relationships.

Understand what you need to stay guarded about when you first get to know each other.

Learn 4 ways to tell if someone is lying to you or not.

Realize that searching for FRIENDS online can get you the best results.

Understand why the line, "This is me whether you like it or not," can come from insecurity and how it affects your image.

Understand why putting together a profile of yourself is serious business.

Learn when the appropriate time to meet someone in person is and some tips for setting it up.

Realize how people can get to know each other before even meeting... making the chances of success even greater!

Realize why it's so important that a couple have the same intentions.

Discover how to make sure you're on their mind AFTER the date.

Understand why the first thing to do is NOT run straight for a "singles" chat room.

Learn what makes a good "handle" and which ones to avoid! ex. MEGASTUD!

Understand why it's best to plan before you start searching for a partner.

Understand why you should be completely honest with potential partners.

Learn to keep track of multiple prospects' information without embarrassing yourself. (You: Hi Mary. Them: My name's Sarah.)

Find out who should be paying for the first date. It's not who you might think.

Discover what is "Charming" and what is not... this may surprise you.

Learn how to handle yourself if you're dating more than one person!

Learn to pay attention to a few special things when preparing for your first real-world date.

Discover why keeping your "options open" is very important to you and any future relationships.

Find out what personality type you are and how to use that knowledge for your benefit.

Learn the best ways to end a relationship online.

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

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